Solar EPC

Solar EPC

 Our cost-benefit analysis facilitates our clients to leverage the incredible economics of the scale relating. This enables the manufacturer to reap benefits by lowered production costs. This gives our clients a competitive advantage which they can extend to their end-users.

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Sought after for our reliability our impressive list of the client base is rapidly expanding. AS EPC strategic partners we follow a time-saving methodology for procurement. Our site engineers apply efficiency measures to execute the designing and installation modus operandi with competence and proficiency. The assist in consolidating and streamlining for the ultimate reward of faultless deliverance. We design customized solar equipment and fully support our customers in any way they need. This gives us our USP making our projects efficient and valuable both of which are critical to success.
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Solar EPC

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 You can conduct these feasibility test at your end or we can send our solar experts to verify

Shadows: Are you overshadowed by large trees or tall building in your neighborhood? We ascertain that there are no large trees, buildings or billboards that obstruct or overshadow the path of direct sunlight.

Ease of maintenance: Is the area dust-free, without any pigmentation, haze or particulate matter? Is the site easily accessible for regular cleaning and maintenance?

Load-carrying capacity: We check the load-carrying capacity of the roof before installation. You might need to bolster the roof to take on the weight of the heavy technology that we employ.

Remote Monitoring: You can save your time and money with our automated systems and remote monitoring. Our mobile applications will enable you to know all the vital information and other data.

Whether you are looking to install the ground mount solar or rooftop solar solutions, Aark Energy is one of the most trusted solar installers in the country. We at Aark Energy are committed to creating new dynamic upsides for timely delivery, top-notch quality matching international standards and unmatched reliability in the solar systems domain.